Welcome to RRIP, my personal portfolio and home to things I create with others, or from my own dome. I’m Dana Holroyd, I’m an Arkansas native and design has been something I’ve been passionate about before I even knew what it was. 

Recent Renderings of Inspiring People or RRIP, is home to my collective projects that I work on with others. After years of designing and achieving what people envision, I’ve come to fully understand that’s exactly what design is. I used to say death to deadlines, always wanting more time, but deadlines make projects what they need to be. They made me stronger and I have learned over the years that I thrive better that way as a designer. Working with clients and a time crunch is my specialty. It gets the job done to its fullest potential in the duration of time needed or expected. Group projects in college used to also be the death of me. Although over the years I learned that collaboration, clients, and deadlines make amazing outcomes. After working as a director for over five years I learned the value of a team and collaboration. I had previously thought that being a director meant taking full control while leading a team, but I learned that it takes a team to take control and produce the outcome. Whether it’s led by clients, full design control, or with a team. By placing restrictions it forces a type of creativity. 

I was in yearbook in high school for two years and when it came to deciding a major, my yearbook teacher informed me that a graphic design degree was something that existed and I selected it as a major and never looked back. I graduated in 2015, from John Brown University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic and Web design.

I interned as a graphic designer with Sign Studio for a year. We printed and designed everything from logos, business cards, booklets, brochures, channel signs, vinyl/car/boat wraps, you name it.  I worked at a screen printing shop the last semester of school and the summer after I graduated college. I then transitioned to a creative director at Ashby Outdoor, an outdoor marketing company in 2015, where I worked for two years. I designed digital and vinyl billboards. I redesigned their brand and website while working there, and founded AAWE

After two years at Ashby, I began working at a startup called Simplemachine. I transitioned from outdoor to a digital marketing agency. I was the creative director for two years and then became the art director the following year and a half. When I started we were a team of four and over the years we grew to 8. We won small business of the year from the Bentonville chamber in 2018.  We designed websites, logos, branding, social media, video, google ad words, SEO, and more. We worked with small ma and pop shops, to corporate companies from Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, you name it. I wore multiple hats while working there as you do in a startup, which allowed me to work on a variety of jobs and client requests. I was also able to learn to adapt to industrial, feminine, children, corporate brands, etc. 

I’m currently looking for unique opportunities to utilize my skills as a designer and problem solver.