Welcome to RRIP, home to collaborative design work and content built for and by creatives in Arkansas.

RRIP, short for Recent Renderings of Inspiring People, was founded by graphic designer Dana Holroyd to house projects she works on with others. Dana heads a loose group of writers, thinkers, videographers, graphic and digital designers, and others who fluidly work on projects related to highlighting and analyzing our unique creative scene in Northwest Arkansas, while Dana works as a designer for a variety of client publications, publicity and marketing, and digital outreach and websites.

The ethos behind RRIP is death to the “normal” way of working, an office with scheduling and tasks divided between client vs. designer or graphics vs. content. Instead, RRIP welcomes the complexity and challenges of group projects and rolling deadlines that inspire original and unique outcomes to projects without turning into strictly a process devoid of the original creative spark. In this method, creatives or business owners don’t lose their inspiration in crafting their desired project, but are invigorated and enlivened by it.

Founder and graphic designer Dana Holroyd, a born and raised Arkansan, has been passionate about design all her life. After years of realizing people’s visions, Dana has come to understand exactly what design means to her and how it best works for others:

“I used to say death to deadlines, always wanting more time, but deadlines make projects what they need to be. They made me stronger and I have learned over the years that I thrive better that way as a designer. Working with clients and a time crunch sometimes gets a project accomplished to its fullest potential. In college, group projects used to be the death of me, but I have since learned that collaboration, clients, and time restrictions can create amazing outcomes. From working as a director for over five years, I learned the value of working as a team to create something together. I learned that being a director does not mean taking full control; but steering a group to produce an outcome through shared trust and respect, whether the project is led by clients, I have full design control, or I share tasks with a team. Placing restrictions, while being flexible to change, forces a fruitful and meaningful type of creativity.”

RRIP wants to work with you! If you are a designer, creator, business owner, musician, artist, chef, writer, editor, etc. RRIP can highlight and promote your work through high quality graphic design, or you can become a part of the nimble content team, writing for the online RRIP magazine to feature spaces in the community or write your own analysis of life in Northwest Arkansas. Visit our connect page to tell us what you do and how you might want us to work for or with you!

About RRIP Founder Dana Holroyd

When Dana was thinking about a college major, her high school yearbook teacher informed her that a graphic design degree existed as a career. From that moment, she never looked back and graduated in 2015 from John Brown University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic and Web design.

During her program, Dana interned as a graphic designer with Sign Studio for a year, printing and designing everything from logos, business cards, booklets, brochures, channel signs, vinyl/car/boat wraps, and more.  She worked at a screen printing shop the last semester of school and, the summer after graduation, became a creative director at Ashby Outdoor, an outdoor marketing company where she worked for two years designing digital and vinyl billboards. While there, Dana redesigned their brand and website and founded AAWE: Arkansas Artists Work Enrichment, a billboard curation project.

After two years at Ashby, Dana began working for the startup Simplemachine, transitioning from outdoor to digital marketing. She served as creative director for two years and then as art director for the next year and a half, helping to lead a growing team that started at four and grew to eight staff members in just a few years. While employed there, she led projects designing websites, logos, branding, social media, photography/video, google ads, and more. Clients varied in scale from small, local businesses to international corporate companies involved with Walmart, Amazon, and Wayfair, among others. In 2018, Simplemachine won small business of the year from the Bentonville chamber. In working for a startup, Dana wore multiple hats, allowing her to work on a variety of initiatives and client requests, adapting to industrial, feminine, children’s, and corporate brands based on client needs.

Making Recent Rendering of Inspiring People a reality is Dana’s long-term dream, building on ways the graphic design practice can reconfigure and foster inspiring work relationships with clients, content, and creatives through her skills as a designer and problem solver.